Shoutout Time!!

Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, since my last post I have started work and am bogged down with coursework. I will post soon once I have seen more shows!


I have recently started talking to a fab person called Joe who is a blogger and youtuber who talks about musicals and disney. He’s such a nice boy and I’d love for you to follow his blog! If you’re into theatre then Im sure you’d love it!




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Act 1 or Act 2

Hi guys!

Today I’ve been challenged by Caress Possess Music to do the Act 1 or Act 2 challenge, and being a huge musical fan I couldn’t turn it down!

Basically, its like the this or that challenge when you have to choose between two options and justify your answers for it but this time you have to choose between the two acts in different musicals given.

1. The Book of Mormon: Act 1

I haven’t seen this musical as of yet so I have made my decision based on the soundtrack. I just really love the songs in the first half of the musical. They are light hearted, catchy and are genuinely really good!

2. Beautiful: Act 1

Again, I haven’t seen this musical yet so I was thinking more about the soundtrack. I love the songs in both acts but I just love the early stages of Carole’s career and how much history the songs in the first act have behind them.

3. The Lion King: Act 1

I have chosen act 1 because I love young Simba and seeing how special the relationship is between him and his father. I love how light hearted some of the songs are in act one possibly to highlight how naive he is.

4. My Fair Lady: Act 1

(I promise Act 2 will be chosen at some point!!) Again, I prefer the songs and the progression in the storyline in act 1.

5. Miss Saigon

I don’t really know this musical sadly 😦 I need to listen to the soundtrack at some point but I’m too busy catching up with whats on Broadway and their soundtracks at the moment!

6. Evita: Act 2

This was a very tough decision!! I think I love the way act 2 moves me, it opens with Don’t Cry For Me Argentina and then goes onto Eva’s downfall which is truly heartbreaking. But we get more of an insight to Eva’s intentions and realise how dear she actually was to Argentina.

7. Little Shop of Horrors: Act 1

I have only seen the movie adaptation (but am going to see the show in October and Im so so excited!!) so I dont really know when Act 1 ends but the beginning of the musical is my favourite. I love Seymour in the begging because he is so innocent and nothing has corrupted him as of yet. I love the songs and just how the plot develops in act 1.

8. Mary Poppins: Act 1

Act 2 is too upsetting for me when Mary leaves the children so act 1 is my favourite merely because she doesn’t leave as Avof yet! We get to know this wonderful woman and we are opened up to a whole new world thanks to her.

9. Mamma Mia: Act 2

Im not a huge fan of Mamma Mia but I do enjoy act 2. I like how they tie the musical together with the father’s doing their own thing and Sophie finding happiness once more. I love the montage in the film adaptation though when Donna is getting her daughter ready for her wedding, its so touching.

10. Cats: Act 1

Again, I have to be in the mood to watch this! I like act 1 because all my favourite songs are in it and I am beginning to loose interest in act 2!!

11. Beauty and The Beast: Act 2

Another favourite of mine! Act 2 is my favourite because we get to see the development of Belle and Beast’s relationship and discover how much Belle truly is in love with him. The ending is really heart warming and moving!

12. The Sound of Music: Act 2

I could write so much about how I love both acts of this musical but if I had to choose it’d be act 2. I love the songs in act 1 but when Maria leaves it breaks my heart. I honestly get so sad because you can tell that she was really falling for the Captain and he was for her. It makes me so happy when she returns in act 2, gets married and becomes a wonderful mother for the Von Trapp children. I also love how tense it is when they are fleeing Austria because its a change mood and pace to the show.

13. Wicked!: Act 1

Act 2 makes me cry too much! However, I have chosen act 1 because the opening is my favourite thing in the entire world. I love how powerful No One Mourn’s The Wicked is! And I also love how we see Elphaba’s ambition and drive in act one as well as how naive Glinda is.

14. Les Miserables: Act 2

I love act 2 because of how the musical ties together. Also the mix of emotions is more dynamic, we are faced with the loss of the barricade boys, Javert and Eponine but then we have the comedic moments of the wedding scene. The Epilogue is a real highlight of the show, though as sad as it is, it is a relief that Val Jean is passing, he has done good deeds throughout his life and was ready to make his peace and go to heaven with Fantine. I also love the reprise of Do You Hear The People Sing? at the end when all the deceased return onstage as if they were all in heaven and Val Jean is  reunited once more. It truly is a touching end.

15. The Phantom of the Opera:  Act 2

I love how tense act 2 is, this is when the Phantom really does run a riot! After the amazing act 1 finale with the crashing of the chandelier you just know he has more instore.

16. Aladdin: Act 1

The songs in act 1 are my favourite! I love how we get to know Aladdin as a person and everyone’s situations in act 1 and how it all ties together in sudden events.

I hope you enjoyed this and see you all soon!

– XO


The Question and Answers Award

Hi guys! The lovely Natalie to do the Q and A award! Thankyou so much Natalie!


1.Respond and rework: Answer all the questions and change one of them to your own.

2.Tag seven other awesome people!


1. What Are You Wearing Today?

At the moment my onesie haha! But earlier to day my little mermaid tshirt.

2. Hair?

I have long blonde/brown hair.

3. Morning Go To?

Watching The Office whilst doing my make up.

4. If You Could Live Anywhere In The World Where Would It Be?


5. What Would You Like To Learn To Do?

Learn to play the piano!

6. If You Had A Million Dollars What Would You Buy?

Help my parents pay bills, donate some to a charity that has helped me in the past, NYC & Florida holidays and not sure what else!

7. What Are You Listening To Right Now?

The Something Rotten cast album, Im obsessed!

8. What Are Your Essentials For Travelling!

Sweets for take off and gadgets!

9. Which Job Did You Want As A Kid?

I wanted to be a mermaid haha!

10. What’s Your Most Challenging Goal Right Now?

Not sure aha!

11. Name A Few Things You Can’t Live Without?

Technology, my family, Disney, theatre.

12. How Was Your Childhood?

Great and full of imagination,

13. What Would You Like To Have In Your Hands Right Now?

Jonathan Groff’s hands? hahah!

14. What Would You Like To Get Rid Of?

The toxic people in my life and my knee problem.

15. What Are You Most Excited About?

The upcoming cold seasons!!!

16. Whats Your Favourite Type Of Music?


17. Whats Your Goal In Life?

To finally be happy and content.

18. What’s The Last Movie You Saw?

As Above, So Below (I like my horror films!)

19. What Was The Last Dream You Had?

That my mum forced me to get a tattoo hahaha!

20. Where Did You Go On Your Last Trip?

To La Palma a small Canary Island.

I enjoyed this! Thanks for reading! If you like the look of this then feel free to do it!

– XO


A-Z Survey

Hi guys!

I saw this post on Natalie’s blog and thought I had to have a go at it! A chance to learn a bit more about me and possibly have a go yourself!

A: age 19

B: biggest fear – death

C: current time – 11:44pm

D: drink you had last – lime and soda water

E: easiest person to talk to – my mum

F: favourite song – it changes all the time but at the minute its ‘Left Behind’ from Spring Awakening

G: grossest memory – probably any time I have been ill

H: hometown – a town in North Wales which I am not broadcasting on here!!

I: in love with – Jonathan Groff and will always be!

J: jealous of – people living in NYC!!

K: kindest person you know – my mum

L: longest relationship – I haven’t had one yet (talk about crazy cat lady, I’m 19!!!!)

M: middle name – Marie

N: number of siblings – one

O: one wish – that mine and my family’s struggles would go away

P: person you spoke on the phone to last – my nana

Q: questions your always asked – ‘are you two sisters?’

R: reasons to smile – I have a very supportive, loving and caring family around me

S: song you sang last – probably something from Spring Awakening!!!

T: time you woke up – 9:44….. I had a rough night!

U: underwear colour – bit uncomfortable answering this! ahhaa! black

V: vacation destination – DISNEYWORLD

W: worst habit – singing all the time or biting my nails

X: x-rays you’ve had – all on my knee because I have really really bad knees haha

Y: your favourite food – ice cream

Z: zodiac sign – Pisces

– XO


The Leibster Award Again!


Hi guys!

I was tagged by the lovely Natalie again for the Leibster award so thank you very much Natalie!


-Thank the blogger who nominated you.

-Answer the questions you were given.

– Nomatie some bloggers who you think deserve the award.

– Let the bloggers know you nominated them.

-Make up 11 questions for your nominees.


What are your hobbies besides blogging?

My favourite thing to do is acting but I also love singing, reading, swimming and shopping!

If you could go anywhere in the world for free where would you go?

Disney World in an instant!!

If you could be invisible for 24 hours where would you go and why?

Either to a rehearsals for a Broadway show to see what that process is like or to Pixar studios so I could go anywhere I liked and have a really good look around!

What are 5 things you can’t live without?

Internet, my macbook, music, my family & my dog.

What are your goals for your blog?

I’d love to make some blogging friends, that was my main aim when setting up my account! (And why I have a ‘say hello!’ page!)

Whats your favourite attraction in Disney World/Land?

A tie between Big Thunder Mountain or The Tower of Terror.

If you could be a character in a Disney Movie for 24 hours who would it be and why?

Belle because I love her so much!!

What are your top 3 Disney Movies!

Thats a tough one! If I HAD to choose it’d be The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Beauty and the Beast and Mary Poppins.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

The community and how nice everyone is to each other!

How long do you work on a blog post?

It really depends on what kind of post it is.

What is your favourite season and why?

I could go on forever and ever about my love for winter! It just is full of smiles and fun times for me! I love the cosy jumpers, snow, christmas, dark nights, pantomimes, festivities, everything!!!!

Thankyou so much Natalie for nominating me again!

Im going to nominate YOU reading this if you would like to do it! We all put so much effort into our posts that we all deserve recognitions like this so please feel free to do it if you wish!

Here are my questions for you:

– What is at the top of your bucket list?

– Where is your favourite place to shop for clothes online?

– Who is your favourite actor?

– What tv series are you currently watching?

– Opinion on social media?

– Would you ever set up a Youtube channel?

– Would you go to a convention? Which one and why?

– How would you describe your fashion sense?

– What is your weakness?

– What was the last app you went on on your phone?

I hope you enjoy answering these questions and I shall see you all soon! Have a good day!

– XO


Recent Favourites

Hi guys!

Sorry for my absence, Ive been on holiday and life has been hectic. Also I have a bit of writers block lately and I’m not really sure what to post! But I thought as I haven’t done one in a while that I would do a recent favourites post!


‘Expensive Pink’ Eyeshadow – Mac


 When browsing the mac section of duty free before my flight a few weeks ago, I came across this shade and completely fell in love. You might not be able to fully get how beautiful this colour is through this photo but its incredible. Its this lovely dusty pink colour with gold flecks in it (if you want to see a better picture, google it).

‘Honey Lust’ Eyeshadow – Mac


Another purchase during my duty free shopping, I thought this would be perfect for my holidays! Again a gold tinted eyeshadow more on the honey side, a more rich, yellow-ey gold.

Bold Metals Contour Brush – Real Techniques


I recently saw an offer on this brush and could not just leave it in the shop! After seeing Youtubers Lucy and Lydia talking about how good this brush is, Ive always had my eye on it and finally gave in! Not only does it look amazing with its rose gold handle, but is the perfect density to get into the hollows of your cheeks to do a good contouring job! I was previously using a brush that came with a Benefit blush which obviously wasn’t doing the job properly but now I know this does a good job!

Misc Favourites

‘Spring Awakening’ Soundtrack


Ive always had a soft spot for this musical! Lately, however, I have been listening to the album so much! Its come to the point where I don’t feel like listening to anything else. The songs are just so catchy, meaningful, poetic and beautiful. Also the actors on the cast album (Jonathan Groff, Lea Michele, John Galligher Jr ect) are so so talented!

Jonathan Groff


Okay, so I could probably dedicate a whole post to this man talking about how much I love him and how much he inspires me but I know nobody would be interested in that ahha! He is not just my monthly favourite but an infinite one! He is one of the most genuine people out there and I don’t think he realises how special he actually is because he is so humble and downright adorable! I love how passionate he is when he talks about projects he is working in and about people he has worked with. You can really tell that he has worked hard to be where he is today and that he loves what he does! And of course he has an enchanting voice! I love him in every role I’ve seen him in! (I’m currently working my way through his IMDB credits). I have yet to meet him, if I do I know it will be very very memorable!

Bob’s Burgers


A random item to add to the list but it definitely had to feature on here! Exactly my type of humour, this show is such a pick me up! I love how quirky the characters are and the story lines are just great, I totally recommend it if you love anything comedy!



I have been using this website a lot lately to design my new bedroom and I love it! I have also created a Christmas List board and love to use it to plan summer / winter wardrobes. A visually pleasing, more organised way to plan and make lists! My favourite feature is copy and pasting a URL of something so you can pin it onto your board! Very very handy!

I hope you enjoyed this post!



Q and A….. Answer Time!

Hi everyone!

A huge thank you to the people that asked me questions, I didnt think anyone would respond!

If you’re not already, go and follow the people who asked me questions!

Natalie Davis asked: 

“What is your favourite attraction in Disneyland?”

Thats a tough one, probably the Tower of Terror it gives you such an adrenaline rush and theres no ride quite like it!

“How many followers do you have?”

78 (thankyou to everyone who follows me by the way!!)

“What is your favourite Disney movie?”

I don’t have one all time favourite but my top few are Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Finding Nemo.

“How many times have you been to Disney?”

I have been to Disneyland Paris four times! Im going again next year and am hoping to go to Disney World for the first time next year too!

What is your favourite Beauty Product?”

Thats a tough one! At the moment its probably bronzer.

Thankyou Natalie!

Caress Possess Music asked:

“Have you ever seen Phantom before?”

Yes I have seen it at Her Majesty’s in London in 2012. I really enjoyed it, it was a beautiful piece of theatre.


aribebop asked:

“What is your most treasured Disney item?”

Thats a tough one! Either my Belle photo frame or my Newsies playbill (that counted as Disney right?)

Again thank you so much for the questions I really enjoyed answering them!

– xo